People walk past a parking silver VW car with R-Line in a hurry – Useful information

Useful information on your Volkswagen

From tyre know-how to holiday preparations, from WLTP to accident and breakdown assistance – this page provides a vast array of information on your car, plus some handy tips. Find out more.

A man on a roof top enjoys the view of a city – WLTP test procedure

New standards consumption values

What does WLTP stand for? We will explain it to you. And inform you about current emission norms and values in tests and on the road as well as detailed information about the test procedure.

Driving with natural gas

Driving Volkswagen vehicles using natural gas vehicles pays off. Here you can find out which models are available and why driving with natural gas is a cheaper alternative.

A silver VW up! with natural gas using in a city
A man walks to his grey VW car with polished VW rims with orange coloured accents by night

Rim knowledge

Rims allow you to give your car a visual boost, exactly the way you want. Whether mounted ex-works or modified later on down the line - the topic of wheel/tyre combinations always throws up a lot of questions. Find the answers here, as well as much more information on steel and aluminium rims.

A child with a big yellow camera stands in front of a blue VW car with summer tyres

Tyre knowledge

Do you know how to measure tyre pressure and tread depth correctly, how to read the EU tyre label, or when it's time for your tyres to retire? Learn more about your tyres here.

Two VW cars with roof boxes park next to each other in front of a house – travel arrangements

Well-prepared on the road: Travel preparations

Holiday booked. Route planned. Car packed? Ready for the trip? Here, you'll find plenty of tips and important information for your journey, plus you'll learn about the right way to pack your car.

Two women go surfing – thanks to the Volkswagen Accessories kayak and surfboard rack on their green VW vehicle

On the road with kids, animals and abroad

With our tips and tricks, you and your kids, or your four-legged friends, will be well-prepared for any journey. Every trip will become an adventure, but with no nasty surprises: Travelling by car.

VW T-Cross interior woman looking at smartphone

Technology easily explained

"Oh, really? I didn't know that." You can find extensive information about technology and related topics in our technology lexicon. Enjoy reading.

A warning triangle on the road – Volkswagen Roadside Assistance for car accident or breakdown

Our breakdown and accident assistance

When your car breaks down, despite all cautionary and quality measures, we're here to help. Find out more about our services, including our accident-related services.